Executive interview – XP Power

Published on 1 August 2019

In this interview, CEO Duncan Penny and CFO Gavin Griggs discuss XP Power’s H119 results. Duncan highlights that despite weakness in demand from the semiconductor sector, the company saw robust growth in revenues from the three other markets it serves, and has seen a good level of design wins across all sectors.

Gavin discusses the impact of trade tariffs and other cost pressures on H119 margins and notes that despite short-term pressures, the company continues to invest in R&D. Duncan and Gavin also highlight the shift in production to Vietnam to reduce costs and avoid US tariffs. Duncan discusses the outlook for the company on a longer term basis, noting that the recently expanded product portfolio is moving the company up the value chain and that recent design wins in the semiconductor sector leave it well positioned once the semiconductor cycle turns positive.

XP Power is a developer and designer of power control solutions with production facilities in China, Vietnam and the US, and design, service and sales teams across Europe, the US and Asia.

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