Executive interview: Volition

Published on 4 April 2022

Volition is a multinational epigenetics company that applies its Nucleosomics platform through subsidiaries to develop simple, easy-to-use, cost-effective blood tests to help diagnose and monitor a range of life-altering diseases, including some cancers and diseases associated with NETosis, such as sepsis and COVID-19. The tests are based on the science of Nucleosomics, which is the practice of identifying and measuring nucleosomes in the bloodstream or other bodily fluid – an indication that disease is present. Volition is primarily focused on diagnostics and monitoring in humans, but also has a subsidiary focused on animals.

In this video, Volition’s president and chief executive officer Cameron Reynolds, group chief financial officer Terig Hughes and veterinary chief executive officer Dr Tom Butera discuss the company’s FY21 results. Importantly, Volition recently signed a $28m global licensing and supply agreement with Heska Corporation to distribute its Nu.Q Vet Cancer Screening Test and is in continuing discussions with additional potential veterinary partners for global distribution. In addition, Volition made solid progress with its Nu.Q NETs and Nu.Q Capture products, progressing towards commercialisation in those areas.

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