Executive interview – Utilico Emerging Markets Trust

Published on 20 May 2019

Utilico Emerging Markets Trust (LSE:UEM) was launched in July 2005. In April 2018, it re-domiciled to the UK as an investment trust (historically domiciled in Bermuda as an investment company). UEM is managed by ICM; since launch, the lead manager has been Charles Jillings. He aims to generate attractive long-term total returns from a diversified portfolio of emerging market equities, primarily in the infrastructure, utility and related sectors.

In this webcast, Charles Jillings discusses what differentiates UEM from other emerging market investment companies. He talks about the growth drivers for investee companies and what type of company would make an ideal investment for the trust. Jillings then comments on the investment backdrop, before focusing on the outlook for UEM’s dividend.

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