Executive Interview – Tungsten Corporation

Published on 22 February 2016

Tungsten Corporation offers a secure e-invoicing platform including Tungsten Analytics and Tungsten Early Payment, a form of alternative finance for businesses. Tungsten serves 56% of the Fortune 500 and 67% of the FTSE 100. It enables suppliers to submit tax-compliant e-invoices in 47 countries, and last year processed transactions worth more than $187bn for global companies including Alliance Data, Lufthansa, General Motors, GlaxoSmithKline, Henkel, IBM, Kellogg’s and the US Federal Government.

In this webcast, CEO Rick Hurwitz expands on some of the topics from the company’s recent capital markets day, including the measures it is undertaking to promote profitable growth of its e-invoicing business and how it intends to increase volumes of its invoice financing product.

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