Executive interview – The Panoply

Published on 19 December 2018

CEO of The Panoply, Neal Gandhi, outlines the market opportunity in digital transformation and how the group plans to address it through a series of regional clusters. He explains the reasons behind the IPO and the remit of the initial group companies, as well as how they are already working collaboratively. He goes on to describe how the group is differentiated through its culture and social purpose. Neal then discusses what KPIs the market should look for to judge success.

The Panoply listed on AIM in December 2018, raising £5m gross, with four companies forming the group on listing in the UK, Norway and Bulgaria. It is a digital native technology services group and will seek to build out clusters of complementary business across Europe through acquisition. Its focus will be on; digital strategy; service design/customer experience; user experience design/user interface/interaction design; software development; systems integration; cybersecurity; cloud transformation; data analytics/science; and managed services. The Panoply’s existing clients include the DVLA, Ocado, the BBC and the National Trust.

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