Executive interview – The Dolphin Square Charitable Foundation

Published on 1 August 2017

Dolphin Living is a subsidiary of The Dolphin Square Charitable Foundation. In this interview Olivia Harris, CEO of The Dolphin Square Charitable Foundation, provides an overview of the charity, its mission and its plans for the future as it expands its housing portfolio through the proceeds of a retail bond.

The charity’s mission is to provide well-designed homes at an affordable price to “people who make the City work” ie chefs, nurses, drivers, social workers, actors, police, restaurateurs, craftspeople, designers etc – all the people who need to live or work in London, but who may not be able to afford housing costs in the city and do not qualify for social housing. Dolphin Living currently owns and manages 600 homes and has a further 196 homes under development. Dolphin Square Charitable Foundation is an independent charity that was established with an endowment of more than £120m in 2005.

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