Executive Interview – Seeing Machines

Published on 1 November 2016

SM specialises in operator performance and safety through real-time monitoring and intervention. The group’s IP is based around three sets of algorithms: head tracking (eg monitors for distraction, or if the subject is not facing in the correct direction), eye aperture (eg microsleeps/fatigue monitoring) and eye gaze (eg for device control).

In this video, Ken Kroeger (CEO) discusses the company and its history. He talks about how the Guardian retrofit business, aimed at the commercial fleet market, is evolving. He gives an update on the automotive business, aimed at the OEM market, which the group is seeking to demerge. He also talks about the decision to develop the company’s own proprietary chip. He discusses developments in the relationship with Caterpillar and developments in the Aerospace and Trains verticals and he discusses the group’s R&D programmes, which are partly funded by third parties.

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