Executive interview – Securities Trust of Scotland

Published on 26 February 2019

Securities Trust of Scotland (LSE:STS) was launched in 2005, and aims to provide rising income and long-term capital growth through a portfolio of global equities. In May 2016, Mark Whitehead was appointed as fund manager and the Trust adopted an unconstrained mandate from 1 June 2016, measuring performance versus the rolling three-year median return of open- and closed-ended peers. The investment approach is fundamental, with a rigorous approach to build a relatively concentrated portfolio of 35-55 high-conviction stocks.

In this webcast, Mark Whitehead explains STS’s investment objective and discusses recent performance. He explains how the trust uses options to generate additional income and the importance of integrating ESG into the investment process, as well as other approaches that may differentiate the trust from its peers. Finally, he discusses his outlook for global equities.

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