Executive Interview – Secure Income REIT

Published on 19 October 2016

Nick Leslau is the Chairman of Secure Income REIT’s investment advisor, Prestbury Investments, and has long experience in the UK commercial property sector. Here he discusses Secure Income’s unique portfolio and the highly predictable long-term returns it will generate. He also explains how the long leases are beneficial to tenants as well as Secure Income and covers the recent acquisition of 55 Travelodge hotels.

Secure Income REIT (Secure) targets predictable cash flows from a broad range of real estate assets, which offer very long leases (average unexpired lease term more than 23 years) subject to annual fixed or RPI linked rent uplifts, to high-quality tenants providing strong covenants. The external manager has a strong track record, with interests strongly aligned to other shareholders. The prospects for medium-term dividend growth are very strong, while NAV should also grow at unchanged yields.

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