Executive Interview – RNTS Media

Published on 13 December 2016

RNTS Media is a leading mobile-centric advertising technology company with two complementary mobile ad tech platforms at its core: Fyber and Inneractive. Their supply-side platforms help app developers and publishers overcome the challenges of monetising their apps in a fragmented ecosystem by consolidating a wide range of advertising demand onto one platform. The group has approximately 400 employees. Its headquarters are in Berlin and it has offices in San Francisco, New York, London and Tel Aviv.

In this interview, CFO Heiner Luntz outlines RNTS Media’s role in helping app developers and publishers address one of key challenges in the mobile app space – monetisation of their content. He also talks about how RNTS is positioned at the intersection of the three key emerging trends in advertising – the increased use of mobile apps, the rise in video consumption and the rapid uptake of programmatic advertising trading. In this increasingly complex environment, Heiner explains that both toolsets and scale are necessary to be useful to publishers and RNTS’s strategy has focused on building these two pillars – with one billion MAUs and approximately 15 billion ad impressions each month, he believes RNTS is now one of the most relevant companies in the ecosystem. With pro forma revenue guidance raised twice this year and EBITDA break-even now expected in Q4 this year, the group is optimistic about its future; with strong integrations in its client base and growing scale, Heiner believes RNTS is well positioned to capitalise on three mega trends in the industry (mobile, video and programmatic).

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