Executive interview – Picton Property Income

Published on 13 July 2017

Michael Morris, CEO of Picton Property Income, discusses the recent FY17 results, which showed a 6% increase in NAVPS and a 30% improvement in income profit. Michael discusses the main drivers of the increases in earnings and NAV during the year. He looks at how having an exposure to a weaker London market did not hinder returns during the year. Part of the reason for this was Picton’s sector focus and Michael explains that there is currently a bias towards industrial assets and away from retail. He goes on to look at how Picton’s performance compares with the main benchmark index over the short and longer term. Picton is an internally managed company and Michael talks through the advantages of this structure and its effect on long-term performance. Finally, he explains what the strategy of being “occupier-focused and opportunity-led” means in practice for Picton’s tenants and shareholders.

Picton Property Income Limited is an internally managed investment company, which invests in commercial property across the United Kingdom. Established in 2005, it has a main market listing on the London Stock Exchange.

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