Executive Interview – Nanoco Group

Published on 5 April 2017

Dr Michael Edelman, CEO of Nanoco Group, discusses the progress the company is making towards securing its first commercial orders and in securing a strong position in the display supply chain with its key partners Merck, Dow and Wah Hong. He discusses progress for Nanoco’s quantum dots in applications outside TV display, particularly the high-end PC monitor market, but also in lighting, healthcare and solar technologies. He also provides insight into the company’s cash levels and funding position and discusses the key milestones that investors should look for in the remainder of the company’s fiscal year and beyond.

Nanoco is the leading commercial supplier of cadmium-free quantum dots – fluorescent semiconductor nanoparticles that absorb or re-emit different colours of light depending on the size of the particle. Quantum dots can be used in a number of different applications including TV displays, lighting, medical applications and solar power. Display is the most advanced of these applications, where quantum dots can provide better picture quality and better efficiency than competing LCD or OLED screens.

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