Executive interview – Nanoco

Published on 15 April 2019

Nanoco CEO, Michael Edelman, gives an update on Nanoco discussing the progress made with its major US electronics partner and the next steps as the company prepares for volume production. He explains the company’s “Dots Only” strategy in the display market where activity levels appear to be picking up again, before touching on developments in medical imaging and lighting. He describes how the company’s combination of a leading quantum dot patent portfolio (c 730 patents granted or applied for) , expertise and manufacturing capability are now driving more inbound interest, particularly in the fields of infrared sensing and next generation display.

CFO Brian Tenner discusses the recent financial performance and how projects with the major customer underpin visibility on revenues and cash flows for FY19 into FY20. He also explains what Nanoco’s financial model should look like once commercial initiatives mature.

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