Executive interview – Mondo TV

Published on 7 August 2017

Mondo TV is a leading Italian producer and distributor of children’s animated television series, as well as live teen fiction. It focuses on the production of children’s television content whose characters can be exploited for licensing and merchandising. Through its fifty year history, it has also built a large library of over 1,600 TV episodes and films, which it distributes across 75 markets. Headquartered in Rome, it also holds controlling stakes in listed subsidiaries Mondo TV France (30%), Mondo TV Suisse (64%) and Mondo TV Iberoamerica (72%). It owns the rights to over 1,600 TV episodes and films, which it distributes across 75 markets. 80% of revenues are generated in Asia, 10% in Italy, 7% in Europe and 3% in America.

In this interview, CFO Carlo Marchetti outlines Mondo’s business model, which, due to the focus on licensing and merchandising, generates higher margins than typical for traditional production companies. Specifically, he discusses that by partnering with toy companies and media groups in Asia, Mondo develops series based on pre-existing brands, which can accelerate the returns on investment. Carlo summarises the group’s ambitious five-year plan to increase EBITDA from €18m in FY16 to €64m by 2021 and the balance of funding that is in place to support its execution. Key series underpinning the plan are YooHoo, Sissi, Invention Story and Robot Trains. Key partners include Henan York, Aurora World Corporation, CJ E&M and Abu Dhabi Media, and important new partnerships continue to be developed. In summary – with an experienced management team, an international network, key projects and funding in place, management is confident the group will execute its ambitious growth strategy.

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