Executive interview – EMIS Group

Published on 18 March 2020

EMIS Group is a clinical software supplier to the UK healthcare market. The company was originally established to serve the GP market, where it has a leading position with a market share of 57% of UK GP practices. It has expanded from this position to create a broad range of products serving the community healthcare market, the acute sector and community pharmacies (where it has c 37% share). Its Patient business provides medical and wellbeing information as well as transactional services to patients. The company strategy is to provide connected healthcare solutions to facilitate patient-centric care.

In this audio interview, CEO Andy Thorburn reviews the group’s financial and operational highlights for FY19 and gives an overview of performance on a divisional basis. He gives an update on the GP IT Futures framework which went live at the beginning of this year, and the ongoing development of the EMIS-X platform. Finally, he discusses the current trading environment, particularly in the light of coronavirus restrictions, and gives his views on the company’s short- and medium-term outlook.

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