Executive interview – EMIS Group

Published on 29 August 2019

EMIS Group is a clinical software supplier to the UK healthcare market. The company was originally established to serve the GP market, where it has a leading position with a market share of 57% of UK GP practices. It has expanded from this position to create a broad range of products serving the community healthcare market, the acute sector and community pharmacies (where it has c 37% share). Its Patient business provides medical and wellbeing information as well as transactional services to patients. The company strategy is to provide connected healthcare solutions to facilitate patient-centric care.

In this video, CEO Andy Thorburn reviews the company’s H119 results. He discusses the new divisional structure and gives an overview of performance on this new divisional basis. He gives an update on the GP software procurement process in England and the ongoing development of the EMIS-X platform. Finally, he discusses the current trading environment and gives his views on the company’s short and medium-term outlook.

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