Executive interview – CentralNic Group

Executive interview – CentralNic Group

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In this video, CentralNic Group’s CEO, Ben Crawford discusses the structural growth drivers and attractive financial characteristics, including the recurring nature of revenue and high cash flow generation, of the domain name industry. He also highlights how CentralNic’s strategy has evolved and will continue to do so as the company seeks to consolidate this industry and diversify into new complementary services, such as with the recent acquisition of Team Internet. Team Internet is a domain name monetisation service ie it sells advertising inventory on inactive domain names, owned by domain name investors, that still attract search engine enquiries.

CentralNic is a UK based and AIM-listed company that has developed its own software platforms that help to manage the global distribution of internet domain names, the core infrastructure of the internet. CentralNic is a global business providing its services to clients, including corporates and individuals, in practically every country around the world. Since listing on AIM in September 2013, CentralNic has been highly acquisitive, consolidating the domain name industry. As a result, CentralNic’s revenue has grown from £3m in 2014 to £43m in 2018. Following a pick up in the rate of acquisitions in 2019, CentralNic estimates that its proforma revenue is c $200m.

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