Executive interview – Brighter

Published on 18 December 2019

Brighter is a Swedish healthtech company focused on the development and commercialisation of self-monitoring and self-treatment health solutions for diabetes. Its lead product, Actiste, which recently received two CE marks, combines three critical components of daily diabetes management, a blood glucose meter, a lancet and an injection apparatus into one device with mobile connectivity to Brighter’s cloud-based service, the Benefit Loop.

In this video the company discusses how Actiste integrates three essential steps for daily diabetes management in one device, decreasing the number of steps for daily treatment and measurement by up to 67%. The Actiste device is delivered as part of a subscription-based service that includes different levels of data sharing, continuous replenishment of everyday supplies delivered directly to the home and digital services designed to facilitate, improve and streamline the treatment.

The company also discusses its cloud-based platform, the Benefit Loop, which collects, manages and analyses data for the purpose of sharing critical treatment information with friends, relatives, caregivers and healthcare providers to improve self-management outcomes.

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