Executive interview – Applied Graphene Materials

Executive interview – Applied Graphene Materials

Applied Graphene Materials — 6 videos in collection

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Adrian Potts, the CEO of Applied Graphene Materials (AGM), discusses the company’s commercial progress over the course of the past 12 months, which saw the launch of a number of coatings products based on AGM’s graphene dispersions. These products include industrial anti-corrosion products from Blocksil and Alltimes Coatings and retail products from Halfords and Hycote. He also highlights the progress made in the composite and functional materials markets and why initiatives to develop water-based dispersions are key to enlarging the addressable market. Finally, he explains how management has strengthened its routes to market and the actions the company has taken to mitigate the impact of COVID-19.

Applied Graphene Materials is a leading innovator in the manufacture and application of graphene. The company has developed a proprietary ‘bottom-up’ process for the production of high specification graphene and owns the intellectual property and know-how behind this process. The company’s immediate commercial focus is on the coatings market, where products based on AGM’s graphene dispersions can provide demonstrably improved corrosion protection versus incumbent technologies.

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