EVT801, Kazia’s second programme, and capital markets

EVT801, Kazia’s second programme, and capital markets

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Kazia Therapeutics’ lead asset paxalisib (a PI3K inhibitor that can cross the blood brain barrier (BBB), licensed from Genentech) is in a pivotal study for glioblastoma (GBM) and in early-stage studies in childhood brain cancers, DIPG and AT/RT. Phase I EVT801 is an inhibitor of VEGFR3.

Kazia Therapeutics — 9 videos in collection

In the third part of our Edison TV series on Kazia Therapeutics (KZIA), John Friend, CMO, and James Garner, CEO, discuss the company’s second pipeline asset, EVT801. EVT801 is a small molecule inhibitor of VEGFR3, which preclinical data have shown to be active against a broad range of tumour types and provided compelling evidence of synergy with immunoncology agents.

Additionally, Karen Krumeich, CFO, discusses Kazia’s focus on increasing awareness of the company in the US capital markets. 2022 is a data-rich year for Kazia and this episode concludes with an overview of the anticipated milestones and catalysts.

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