Doctor Care Anywhere – executive interview

Doctor Care Anywhere – executive interview

Doctor Care Anywhere Group — 3 videos in collection

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Doctor Care Anywhere (DOC) is a fast-growing telehealth company focused on delivering high-quality, effective and efficient care to its patients, while reducing the cost of providing healthcare. DOC’s main market currently is the UK, where it is focused on the private health sector. The company operates a B2B2C model, using its relationships with health insurers, healthcare and employee benefits providers to offer its patients a range of telehealth services. DOC’s existing partners include major global health insurers such as AXA and Allianz, large healthcare providers, eg HCA Healthcare and Nuffield Health, among others, through which it provides its telehealth services to a base of 2.2m patients employed by its 1,500 corporate clients. DOC was founded in 2013 in London, where it is headquartered. The company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) in December 2020 under the ticker ‘DOC’.

In this interview, founder and CEO Bayju Thakar and CFO Dan Curran provide an introduction to Doctor Care Anywhere. Bayju gives an overview of DOC’s business. He goes on to talk about the company’s in-house team of doctors and how they ensure quality of healthcare. Bayju explains how DOC has successfully managed to tie up with large health insurers such as AXA and Allianz; the impact of COVID-19 on the business and ends by talking about the biggest growth areas for the group in the near to long term. Dan discusses DOC’s revenue model and the KPIs for the business. He concludes by talking about the company’s Q420 update, published on 27 January, which showed robust triple-digit growth in revenue and KPIs, outperforming the guidance DOC provided the market in its IPO prospectus.

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