Creotech Instruments – executive interview

Creotech Instruments – executive interview

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Creotech Instruments, based near Warsaw, Poland, is a leading manufacturer of satellite systems, components, and advanced electronics for quantum computer control systems, and other applications.

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Creotech Instruments is a leader in Central European space tech, providing advanced space technologies alongside specialised electronics and hardware. It sells to a diverse range of global clients, comprising both commercial enterprises and research institutes. In this interview, CEO Grzegorz Brona discusses the company’s regional and global ambitions, and why the space tech market is particularly attractive currently. He also talks about HyperSat, Creotech’s proprietary microsatellite platform, in addition to the company’s endeavours in quantum computing hardware. Lastly, Grzegorz discusses the company’s EBITDA margin ambitions, capital allocation and capex to drive strategic growth.

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