CLIQ Digital – executive interview

CLIQ Digital – executive interview

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CLIQ Digital sells subscription-based streaming services that bundle movies and series, music, audiobooks, sports and games to consumers globally. In FY22, 37% of sales were generated in Europe, 57% in North America and 6% in other regions.

CLIQ Digital — 2 videos in collection

In this interview, Ben Bos, member of CLIQ Digital’s management board, talks through the reasons for the recent upgrade to management’s financial guidance and the performance of the underlying products and territories. He then outlines the different approaches to customer recruitment by territory and describes the latest additions to the content available. Ben also suggests other content categories that would be attractive to the types of audiences the group is looking to attract. Finally, he shares his ambitions for the group on a five-year horizon.

CLIQ Digital is a leading digital lifestyle company, which provides streaming entertainment services to consumers worldwide. In 2020, 45% of sales were generated in Europe, 48% in North America and 7% in other regions.

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