Bitesize Briefing – Cannabis sector report

Published on 16 May 2019

In this video, Maxim Jacobs discusses key findings from his recently published sector report on Cannabis. The cannabis sector is relatively broad, spanning FDA-approved drugs to consumer products. Both markets are still at a fraction of their potential peak sizes due to laws forbidding the use of cannabis and also regulatory hesitance to approve drugs with related active ingredients. Worldwide sales for all regulator-approved cannabinoid therapeutics were only $53m in 2018 while the total legal cannabis market in the United States was only around $8bn in 2017 compared to $234bn in sales for the alcoholic beverage industry. However, things are changing, mainly due to two reasons: legalization is popular with voters and politicians recognize that the tax revenue that could be extracted through sales taxes/VAT could fill budgetary holes.

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