Arctic Paper – EKF Interview

Arctic Paper – EKF Interview

Arctic Paper is one of the leading producers of high-quality graphical paper in Europe, generating an increasing proportion of its energy needs from in-house sustainable energy. The company is currently progressing with its 4P strategy for 2022-30, which will reorganise Arctic Paper into four key pillars, building on its core paper and pulp businesses to invest and develop in packaging and power.

In this interview, CEO Michał Jarczyński discusses Arctic Paper’s profile and solid performance in the last year, with its share price up c 200%. He provides an update on how recent trends including digitisation and the development of electronic media are affecting the paper and pulp industry and discusses how the current energy market turmoil affects the group. Additionally, we gain insight into the company’s outlook for the next few years and future investment plans to increase renewable power generation (solar and wind).

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