Edison Talks- Interview with Stephane Piat, CEO of Carmat

Published on 29-07-2019 09:42:41

In this episode of Edison Talks, Edison’s director of research for North America, Maxim Jacobs, has an in-depth discussion with the CEO of Carmat, Stéphane Piat. They cover Carmat’s total artificial heart, the technology and plans for development and commercialization, as well as the patients’ experiences with the device to date.

00:42 Carmat’s total artificial heart, the history and the technology
08:54 The data so far
18:00 Upcoming technological advances
20:49 The clinical development process
23:32 The commercial and reimbursement landscape
26:48 What happens with patients?
30:22 Will Carmat need a partner?

Carmat – First half of CE mark-enabling trial fully enrolled

Photocure – A licensing deal for Cevira

InMed Pharmaceuticals – Fiscal Q319 results

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