Edison Talks: Interview with CEO of Photocure

Published on 16-07-2019 08:52:0616 July 2019

In this episode of Edison Talks, Edison’s director of research for North America, Maxim Jacobs, has an in-depth discussion with Photocure’s CEO, Daniel Schneider. They cover Photocure’s marketed bladder cancer diagnostic product Hexvix/Cysview, its data and potential for growth in the United States and the prospects for future competition.

01:03 – What does Photocure do?
13:49 – How do the US and EU markets differ?
16:28 – The growth potential in the US market?
25:43 – Prospects for competition
32:32 – The recent licensing deal for Cevira

Photocure – A licensing deal for Cevira

InMed Pharmaceuticals – Fiscal Q319 results


Cannabinoid Therapies- Therapeutics turning a corner

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