WANdisco (WAND); partners with Databricks for data migration

Published on 16-07-2019 07:14:59
Author Sparks Team

WANdisco announced a partnership with analytics firm Databricks to aid in the migration of on-premises analytics workloads to Azure Databricks. Azure Databricks is an Apache Spark-based engineering and machine-learning platform offered by Microsoft as an integrated first-party service.

Wandisco is offering its LiveMigrator product to the effort, which enables migration from a petabyte of unstructured data with a single scan, rather than multiple recursive scans.

David Richards, CEO and Chairman, commented: “By combining WANdisco’s LiveMigrator with Delta Lake, enterprises get the best of both worlds – seamless and secure migration of petabyte-sized data to the cloud and the power of strong, cloud-based analytics. With this partnership, enterprises have a powerful option to quickly and painlessly move their organisation to the cloud and take advantage of increased productivity, security and insightful data analytics available to employees anywhere at any time.”

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