The Weekly – The return of the yo-yo

Published on 26-09-2020 07:30:00

Good morning, and welcome to the first Edison weekly mood, capturing the best of our daily mood features over the past five days.

The launch of Disney’s Black Widow hit a major delay this week but another pulsating thriller quickly took its place, just as one of our largest cinema chains pondered its future. ‘Return of the Yo-yo’ promises to be the rollercoaster, sorry blockbuster, that movie buffs have been waiting for, though investors may not agree, with European stock markets suffering their worst week since June.

Opening with a £50bn sell-off, the action then features a spirited fightback, as a would-be superhero, forced to stage a mini-lockdown of a nation’s economy to fight against a mysterious, rapidly-developing threat, makes a huge bet on the power of creative destruction.

There are thrills and spills along the way, as well as a twist in the denouement as Rishi’s winter economic plan turns out to have a major hole. How does it end? Our lips are sealed, even though we no longer need so much lipstick. But it definitely involves a lot of red stuff.

Other drama also marked the five days. Killer robots using the deadly force of ultraviolet lights made an appearance at a London train station. It also emerged that a Wall Street bank is trying to move $230bn from the UK without triggering money laundering controls. And there was respectful sorrow, as Ruth Bader Ginsburg became the first woman, as well as the first Jewish American, to lie in state in the Capitol Building.

If it’s all been a bit too much, at least the International Space Station wasn’t wiped out by unknown flying debris. We can always save that for next week’s sequel.

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