The Weekly – As we were, with unsold Girl Scouts cookies and Frankie the ‘resurrected’ cat

Published on 20-06-2021 08:45:21

As a new US national public holiday was declared on a day many were going to be off work this year anyway, we were standing at ease on some other matters. US interest rates were held, although there may be a double increase in 2023. Putin seemed to gain little apart from some aviator sunglasses at the first US-Russia summit in three years. And will anything change at Microsoft now Satya Nadella is chairman as well as chief executive? In the UK, Boris’s 21 June deadline for ending all COVID-19 restrictions was delayed to 19 July and many people were baffled by Keir Starmer picking Hillary Clinton’s unsuccessful 2016 election slogan as Labour’s new mantra.



We did notice some things starting to change as rare orchids not found in the wild in the UK for decades turned up the City of London rooftop garden of Japanese bank Nomura. Clothes and fuel costs pushed UK inflation to a two-year high, while Japanese exports experienced their biggest jump for 41 years and we learned that just one in six UK payments is now made with cash. As Lamborghini almost sold out of luxury cars, footballers Cristiano Ronaldo and Paul Pogba upset Euro 2020 sponsors. While a ‘miniature Pompeii’ was unearthed beneath a former Verona cinema, Venice began tussling with the return of cruise ships. In Peru, a 500-year-old Incan bridge frayed by the pandemic was being literally re-woven.



As 15m boxes of Girl Scouts cookies remained unsold, this ensemble of 39 wives, 94 children and 33 grandchildren was still the world’s largest family, despite the death of its head. And Frankie the tabby cat nonchalantly returned to his Cheshire home oblivious to the fact that he had been officially cremated a few days earlier.

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