Published on 01-06-2020 13:43:04

With global lockdowns lifting, so is Friday’s tension. There’s a palpable sense of relief in the markets.

Associated British Foods (ABF), the owner of Primark, saw its share price jump 8% as it sinks in that shops really will reopen in a fortnight and, in a clear sign of the mood change, our research shows UK investors are shorting less. We also note that women-led hedge funds are outperforming male-led rivals.

Tech is boosting the mood too as 3D printing helps supply PPE, AI-powered COVID-19 fact-checking arrives and innovation makes life easier for deaf people – and everyone else in the process. Did you know that it’s now possible to land a plane with one button?

With all this tech-driven success, Boris seems to be pondering state aid for tech firms.

But let’s not get carried away. As 140 US cities burn, some are asking if Trump’s acting as president at all? Londoners can’t vote in November, but many believe he should be gone.

And China’s official response? Troll Trump, then get tough over Hong Kong.

With track and trace also leaving much to be desired, thank goodness dogs can be trained to sniff out COVID-19. It might be set to spread more quickly, if scientists are right.

Want more tension? Well, Extinction Rebellion is back and economic models are slugging it out – so let’s hope that doesn’t obscure new UN tools for sustainable development.

But with markets refusing to take the bait, now could be the right time for a concerted push with investor communications again.

Our teams are working with more clients than ever before, including Fidelity, HSBC and BlackRock. So, if you need some advocacy or a roadshow, please let us know soon as demand is increasing now the lockdown is easing.

Until tomorrow,
The Stream Team

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