Mood – Upping the ante (3/10)

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Amid fears that Putin might use Russia’s Victory Day celebrations to formally declare war against Ukraine, we’re concerned about other escalations. As a survey says more than 2 million UK adults have gone without food for a day in the past month because they cannot afford to eat, China’s exports growth is slowing the most for nearly two years and the pound has dropped to a fresh two-year low against the dollar. The FTSE All Share is falling.


Stakes are being upped in the City, with Rightmove’s chief executive and Petrofac’s founder stepping aside as Airbnb boss Brian Chesky says the office is ‘over’. EasyJet is to remove a row of seats in some of its planes so they can fly with fewer crew members.


Other corporates are expanding, with the owners of Covent Garden and Chinatown in talks over a £3.5bn merger, Morrisons looking to have triumphed in the battle for convenience stores group McColl’s and Coca-Cola opening its first European store in London. As Singapore’s Trafigura Group invests in a start-up building Europe’s first lithium processing plant in the north of England, a bust bought for $34.99 has turned out to be an ancient Roman relic.


As Georgia students create what may be the world’s longest hopscotch at 4.2 miles, Leo the cocker spaniel could be the world’s first dog to master the game. And efforts need to be stepped up to save the emperor penguin, the largest of the species, which has been declared to be at ‘serious risk of extinction’ over the next 30–40 years.




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