Mood – Unshackled, with a UFO in Teignmouth and twerking bumblebees in Alaska (6/10)

Published on 05-07-2021 14:52:54

There’s a building sense of anticipation but uncertainty too as Boris prepares to announce the end of COVID-19 restrictions. While health chiefs are recommending we wear masks for up to five years, Robert Jenrick has become the first minister to say he will no longer wear one. The gloves are off as supermarkets chain Wm Morrison looks to be at the centre of a three-way takeover tussle. And we’re all going to have to get used to the FTSE 100’s most unpronounceable company name as it takes effect today. As the US belatedly celebrates 4 July, the world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos, is stepping across an unknown frontier outside The FTSE All Share is climbing gently, waiting for more clues as to what happens next.



Liberty means cash for some, with staff at private equity group Bridgepoint sharing a £484m profit bonanza and digital bank Revolut set to be valued at £21bn. As San Jose emerges with the highest share of super-rich residents in the US, older Americans have stockpiled a record $35tn to give to their kids. Sydney Airport has received a A$17bn takeover bid. The US is proposing compensation for air travellers who can’t get wi-fi on their flights.


The fortunes of others are tightly tied to our times, with Transport for London hit by a £100m fall in advertising revenues and the owner of rights to Marilyn Monroe’s brand cracking down on internet counterfeiters. Ukraine is in trouble for making female soldiers march in heels. And there are fears that Royal Navy bombs are making whales deaf.


Still, this student’s mind is full of possibilities after spotting a UFO over Teignmouth in Devon. We may be about to find out what really happened to Shackleton’s ship Endurance. And we now know that bumble bees twerk in Alaska to stave off the cold.

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