Mood – Unmasking hostilities, with Peppa Pig at war with Wolfoo (5/10)

Published on 27-01-2022 13:55:28

As facemasks come off with the end of Britain’s COVID-19 Plan B, discord is being laid bare, with Boris accused of lying over authorising the Afghanistan dog and cat lift and the government’s Way to Work campaign alleged to be more about ‘trying to save the prime minister’s job’ than supporting unemployed people. With tensions escalating on the Russian border, Germany is being criticised for responding to a Ukrainian request for arms by offering 5,000 protective helmets. Neil Young’s songs are being removed from Spotify in a row about podcaster Joe Rogan’s claims about COVID-19 vaccines. Peppa Pig’s owner is suing the studio behind YouTube character Wolfoo.


There are matters likely to inflame, with a dismal year for British car production seeing it hit its lowest level since 1956 and Japan’s favourite snack suffering its first ever price increase. Still, Diageo’s sales are up 20%, easyJet has seen a ‘step change’ in bookings and UK advertising has had its strongest year in marketing history. A record number of black and Asian students have been accepted into top British universities. Commuters are to get free bacon rolls to lure them back onto Britain’s railways. Day three of Edison’s Open House on global healthcare is focusing on artificial intelligence technology. The FTSE All-Share is managing to rise, despite the market reaction in the US to the Federal Reserve preparing to raise interest rates in March.


As astronomers discover a mysterious pulsing object that may be a new class of star, 90-year-old Methuselah, who likes belly rubs, has laid claim to be the world’s oldest aquarium fish. And scientists have figured out a way for frogs to fully regenerate amputated legs.



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