Mood – Seeing Red lights (3/10)

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After the Bank of England’s governor warned of ‘apocalyptic’ global food-price rises, we’re sensing danger, with Liz Truss poised to tear up the Northern Ireland protocol and Elon Musk saying the US is probably in a recession that could last 18 months. Sri Lanka says it’s down to its last day of petrol. The Philippines’ new ruler is being urged to stop pretending that he has an Oxford degree.


Some corporates are passing the buck, with Ryanair’s boss accusing Boeing’s management of ‘running around like headless chickens’ and Imperial Brands blaming the Russia crisis for sluggish growth. Vodafone says the economy is making it cautious about 2023. As Warren Buffett swaps Wells Fargo for Citigroup, budget airline JetBlue is going hostile to prevent Spirit merging with Frontier. The question of who owns the rights to Albert Einstein’s name and image may end up being relative.


Still, UK unemployment has hit its lowest point since 1974 and the FTSE All Share is going up. As NASA’s Perseverance rover begins a key drive to find life on Mars, Drax plans to build a power station inside a mountain. The Queen has officially opened Crossrail.


A football fan is travelling from Sunderland to Wembley via Menorca because it’s cheaper than catching a British train. But a tourist has landed in trouble after getting lost and driving a Maserati down Rome’s iconic Spanish Steps.

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