Mood – Primed for a fightback with ‘vaxinistas’ and the world’s priciest mango (5/10)

Published on 21-06-2021 14:02:03

As the FTSE All-Share fights back after earlier losses in response to an overnight 4% fall in the Nikkei 225, we’re showing our mettle. UK supermarket shares are soaring on confirmation of a Wm Morison’s rejection of a £5.5bn takeover bid Ireland’s Kerry Group is buying food preservatives business Niacet for €853m and Capita has sold its joint venture with the Cabinet Office for £380m. A virtual real estate plot has sold for nearly $1m. McDonald’s is hiring 20,000 workers in the UK and Ireland. As Chinese COVID-19 vaccinations pass the one billion mark, UK ‘vaxinistas’ are snapping up merchandise to boast about having jabs.



Some apparent progress is still causing controversy. As rail season tickets go on sale for part-time commuters, UK business secretary Kwasi Kwarteng has defended plans to build a £200m successor to the Royal Yacht Britannia and the first openly transgender athlete is to compete at the Tokyo Olympics. Biden’s European visit is said to have not achieved much but incurred no damage.



More battles lie ahead with the Bank of England’s departing chief economist Andy Haldane warning about the ‘beast of inflation’, the UN blasting world leaders for failing to seal a $72bn-a-year deal on climate change and Hong Kong newspaper Apple Daily in crisis talks to prevent its shutdown. As Amazon’s Prime Day gets underway, a German trade union is calling for a workers strike and there’s an investigation into alleged gender bias. The stones that sparked a South African ‘diamond’ rush have turned out to be quartz and we now know that high stress may make ‘Broken Heart Syndrome’ more likely. As it appears that COVID-19 survivors may suffer from a loss of grey matter, dark matter is putting the brakes on the Milky Way galaxy’s spin.



If you need a hand to beat the gloom, you can build a 2,079-piece working Lego classic typewriter. And we can take inspiration from this farmer in India who has accidentally grown the world’s most expensive mango.

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