Mood – Overshadowed (3/10)

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We’re keeping out of the way as the Queen’s absence from Parliament’s state opening is said to ‘cast a shadow’ on Boris’s government reboot and Sir Keir Starmer’s pledge to resign if he is fined over ‘beergate’ is seen as an ‘unexpected gamble’ to keep the focus on ‘partygate’. As New Zealand, once proudly completely free of COVID-19, racks up more than a million cases, a shortage of dentists in England’s south-west is leaving patients performing DIY treatments. The FTSE All Share is trying to win back some of its losses in yesterday’s ’everything rout’.


As a report says UK airlines have missed all but one of the climate targets set since 2000, things are finally taking off for Heathrow, which has raised its 2022 passenger forecast. While Portugal builds the world’s biggest floating solar park, UK sales of second-hand electric cars have more than doubled in a year and China is using AI and 3D printing to build a 590ft dam without the need for human workers. An Andy Warhol painting of Marilyn Monroe has sold for $195m, the most ever paid for a 20th Century painting. As software is developed to diagnose employee burnout, a survey shows that astronauts are never quite the same after visiting the International Space Station. Edison has issued the first of three reports into government investments in constellations of many interconnected small satellites.


Japan is targeting TV binges and heated toilets as it urges citizens to save power. And a woman has come up with a cunning ruse to stop a future landlord forcing her to get rid of her cat – she has married it.









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