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We’re powerless and feeble as Rishi Sunak admits there’s nothing the government can do to stop rising inflation from impacting Britain’s families and it emerges that the UK Health Security Agency is paying 1,400 consultants as much as £3,100 per day. As Goldman Sachs’ CEO says there’s a 30% chance of a US recession within two years, a prominent fund manager says the Nasdaq may fall by 75% from its peak. A day after US stocks suffered their steepest fall in almost two years, the FTSE All Share is down heavily.


As Cancer Research says more than 42m UK adults will be overweight by 2040, the Trades Union Congress is warning that British women face a ‘whopping pensions gap’. George W Bush couldn’t prevent himself from muddling up Ukraine with Iraq, while Australia’s Premier accidentally flattened a schoolboy during a game of football. Nobody apparently wants to work in American restaurants anymore.


National Grid’s underlying operating profits are up 11%, Smiths Group’s third-quarter organic revenues are up 4.2% and easyJet has cut interim pre-tax losses from £645m to £557m. Airbnb short-term flat rentals now outnumber regular apartments in New York. Scientists have found an entire hidden forest inside a 630ft sinkhole.


As a study suggests that cats actually know each other’s names, a German town has ordered some cat owners to keep their kitties indoors until the end of August to protect the rare crested lark during its breeding season. And a customer at a Florence coffee bar called the police after being charged €2 for a decaffeinated espresso.




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