Mood – FOMO because YOLO (6/10)

Published on 14-04-2021 12:16:24

As ‘fear of missing out’ is forecast to drive workers back to offices, other opportunities also seem too good to resist. A FOMO fund is being set up for investors, while there’s a new generation of ‘you only live once’ investors who have never seen a bear market.



Nose pins and free eggs are being offered as incentives to have COVID-19 jabs, bison are being brought back to Spain to prevent forest fires and researchers at a US technology university want to speak to spiders. US reality shows are luring contenders by offering to send winners into space or allow them to invest in pre-IPO unicorns. Siri has spilled the beans by inviting people to an Apple event that the tech giant hadn’t announced, while Facebook might envy French speakers after having to apologise for taking down the home page of a town called Bitche.



Bitcoin has hit another new peak, while investors are fretting about missing out on Coinbase, despite the cryptocurrency exchange’s ‘ridiculous’ valuation. Shares in LVMH are surging as luxury sales defy the pandemic gloom. Although Tesco’s profits have fallen and British Land doesn’t want to miss out on its rent, recruiter Robert Walters is increasing its expectations and easyJet says its loss won’t be as bad as feared. This Edison client is fulfilling its global aspirations, while we also see opportunities at Axiom European Financial Debt Fund.



Elon Musk’s brain implant firm is teaching a monkey how to play Pong with its mind. And, as French tacos become essential dining in the home of haute cuisine, don’t worry about where your next pizza is coming from. Domino’s is testing delivery robots.

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