Mood – Dealing with the drama (3/10)

Published on 25-05-2022 14:55:51

We’re adjusting to events as Sue Gray’s ‘partygate’ report is finally published. While George Soros says the Ukraine war may be the start of World War Three, the rouble has become the world’s top-performing currency. As average UK petrol and diesel prices hit a new ‘unfortunate landmark’ high, Germany is looking to West Africa to help solve its gas supply problem.


Marks & Spencer is shutting 32 stores, Ocado Retail is cutting its growth forecast and Walmart is recalling commemorative ice cream after being accused of capitalising on America’s Juneteenth holiday. New York City has removed its last public pay phone. While Twitter’s share price fall has turned a $1.1bn profit for Elon Musk into a $40m loss, shares in burger chain Wendy’s have risen 15% on a possible stake sale and Edison client SIGA Technologies’ stock is surging as its smallpox treatment is suitable for combatting monkeypox. The FTSE All Share is on the up.


On some matters there’s more time, with a global tax deal on multinationals delayed until 2024 and SSE giving itself until 2030 to invest £24bn in British clean energy infrastructure. A judge has blocked the auction of the long-lost ‘Wizard of Oz’ dress worn by Judy Garland. As the largest asteroid to approach Earth in 2022 zooms past our planet, the world’s fastest passenger jet has gone supersonic in test flights. Read this new Edison report on the internet in the sky.


Pet owners have been urged not to throw ‘shiny but deadly’ goldfish into rivers. But wandering salamanders in the California Redwoods have developed a new skill of skydiving.




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