Mood – Brace, brace

Published on 22-10-2020 14:01:35

With British Airways owner IAG slashing flight capacity after losing more than €1bn in 12 weeks and the FTSE 100 hitting a five-month low, we’re preparing for the worst today

Rishi Sunak is scrapping his three-year spending review. Spain has become the first Western European nation to pass one million COVID-19 cases. Some private rents in London have fallen by 34%. Amid a warning that 170,000 live music jobs will be lost by Christmas,even the worried young are finally said to be changing their social habits.

The winds of change are levelling playing fields. BP has been overtaken in market value by a Danish wind energy company. Unilever is back in growth mode. The Brexit talks are on again. A Banksy painting has just sold for £7.5m, while Sky wants to help rescue high streets. Edison clients Evolva and GB Group are showing resilience. 

There’s turbulence in the US. Former Apple design guru Jony Ive is collaborating with Airbnb. Tesla is enjoying record sales amid expectations that electric cars will be as cheap to make as petrol ones within four years. NASA has an exciting announcement about the moon. As Trump and Biden prepare for their final TV face-off, Borat claims to have caught Rudy Giuliani with his trousers down.

Some things need protecting. Ukraine is battling Russia to claim borscht as a cultural icon, while a Chinese innovation is allowing a building to be walked to a new home.

If you feel like battening down the hatches, take inspiration from this near-indestructible beetle that can survive being run over by a car. And spare a thought for the 25 rare chinchillas sitting on top of 3.5m ounces of gold.

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