Mood – Bottling it (3/10)

Published on 24-05-2022 00:00:00

As beer drinkers face a bottle shortage, other challenges are being flunked. While Westminster awaits the ‘partygate’ report, new pictures of Boris toasting a colleague in No. 10 during Britain’s second COVID- throw doubt on his Commons claims. After London’s new Elizabeth line was said to be ‘fit for a queen’, it was evacuated within hours of its grand opening. MPs are demanding the resignation of the Foreign Office’s top civil servant because of a ‘deep failure of leadership’ during the evacuation of Kabul. The state of NHS dentistry is being derided after a woman extracted 13 of her own teeth.


Some corporates are giving up, with Airbnb closing indefinitely in China and McDonald’s and Starbucks pulling out of Russia. Investors in Chinese ride-hailing company Didi have voted to quit the New York Stock Exchange. After Snap’s shares plunged 30%, the company could be a ‘canary in a coal mine’ for the internet sector. The FTSE All-Share is giving back some of yesterday’s gains


Thursdays are the new Fridays as Britain returns to the office on ‘core midweek’ days. Revenues are up 10% at repairs and emergency services group Homeserve, while the value of Chinatown owner Shaftesbury’s property portfolio has grown 7.5%. As Davos hears of food crises intensifying in a ‘world in trouble’, British gene-editing scientists have created a tomato with ‘souped-up’ vitamin D.


A huge ‘dragon of death’ flying reptile that was 86 million years ago has been dug up in Argentina. And 40 red-footed tortoises are being re-introduced in the country’s El Impenetrable national park.

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