Gathering gloom

Published on 09-06-2020 12:37:29

The gloom is gathering. The WHO tells us the pandemic is far from over. Falling global GDPs mean poverty levels are rising dramatically. European markets are falling, and investors are prepping for the worst.

At least we have confirmation that lockdown works. Not that Vladimir Putin or Michael O’Leary care. Russia is reopening despite cases staying high, while Ryanair refuses to cancel flights as it prepares to sue the government over quarantine. And Boris is keen to open things up more, too. It’s understandable. Trillions of pennies are dropping at the realisation of the scale of public debt. There’s a limit, and the preppers might just be right – we could be heading for a 2013-style ‘taper tantrum’. It’s no wonder markets have started down.

China has a looming budget hole and Germany’s industrial output is worse than expected. It’s not much better in company news either. BP is cutting 10,000 jobs, and Mulberry a quarter of its workforce. At least self-storage company Big Yellow reports a 3.1% increase in revenue to £129m.

With the grim news that we might have to put down tens of thousands of zoo animals, we learn it’s not just us – crisis fatigue is a real condition.

So, here’s some relief: Those with blood type O could be less susceptible to COVID-19. Have a browse of these award-winning photos, and know that going to bed naked can give you more sleep. Or go full crisis fatigue and buy yourself a dog.

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