EMIS Group (EMIS); FY results: total revenue rises 6% to £170.1m

Published on 20-03-2019 08:26:36
Author Sparks Team

In its results for the year ended 31 December 2018, EMIS reported an increase in recurring revenue of 5% to £140.7m. There was a slight increase in adjusted operating profit to £37.6m from £37.4m, and adjusted earnings per share to 47.4p from 47.2p. Dividends are up 10% from the last year.

In the EMIS health primary community & acute care segment, the UK GP market share grew by 1% to 57%, while the community market share increased to 20%. A settlement was reached over legacy issues with NHS Digital, within the £11.2m provision made and announced earlier. In the EMIS health community pharmacy segment, the joint market leadership position was maintained at 37%.

All while the specialist & care segment saw double-digit revenue growth and improved profitability, maintaining its position as a leading software provider in diabetic retinopathy screening with a 74% market share. The central Mersey and Ireland DESP contracts were extended, and new contracts were won in Ireland.

Andy Thorburn, EMIS’ CEO, said: “Our focus going forward is ensuring we secure our place on the GP IT Futures framework and on growing the business to business private sector enterprise side of our business, including continuing to develop patient-facing technology.”

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