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22-09-2020 13:00:00 • minute(s) read

Today’s mood – Breaking the cycle

There’s not much of a rebound in the FTSE 100 today, but we’ll take it after yesterday’s £50bn sell-off. With Morgan Stanley warning of an imminent 20% fall in US tech stocks, breaking the cycle is the important thing.

18-09-2020 12:00:00 • minute(s) read
17-09-2020 13:24:59 • minute(s) read

Thursday’s mood – Nothing done

A day after the US Federal Reserve spooked stock markets by doing nothing, worries that the Bank of England may follow suit and not announce any fresh stimulus packages are helping send the FTSE 100 lower.

16-09-2020 13:00:00 • minute(s) read

The mood – Grounded

Boris Johnson’s Operation Moonshot COVID-19 testing plan can be achieved, according to a Chinese company which has developed a new 30-minute test for the virus.

15-09-2020 13:25:28 • minute(s) read
14-09-2020 12:30:00 • minute(s) read

Today’s mood – A fragile flicker

A frisson of excitement has replaced the jitters of the last fortnight, with early trading sending  FTSE 100 to a three-week high before heading into negative territory.

09-09-2020 13:00:35 • minute(s) read

Today’s mood – In for the long haul

A rebound in COVID cases is casting further doubt on a recovery happening anytime soon. We seem to be in it for the long haul. Brent crude has dropped below $40 over demand fears, and it certainly doesn’t help that AstraZeneca’s vaccine trial has been put on hold. After yesterday’s US tech stock rout, European markets showed resilience.

08-09-2020 13:03:57 • minute(s) read

Today’s mood – Jittery

It’s jittery out there today. Brexit talks resume with no-deal looking ever more likely, US markets are catching up after yesterday’s holiday, and a second wave is gathering paceMarkets are flat, for now.

07-09-2020 13:10:52 • minute(s) read

Monday mood – Labor day bounce

With Wall Street closed for Labor Day, American investors have some time to digest the tech stock tumble that began last Thursday – is this just a blip or the start of a bigger correction?

04-09-2020 13:36:57 • minute(s) read

Friday’s mood – Looking back

Despite talking about a tech-dominated world yesterday, the sector has seen a hefty sell off today though European markets have shrugged it off, largely thanks to the banks. Maybe it’s time to consider the more traditional things in life rather than the high tech.

03-09-2020 12:58:36 • minute(s) read

Thursday’s mood – Update and restart

The technology-dominated world we now live in is at the front of our minds today. Apple’s value is greater than the entire FTSE 100, and economies and businesses are wondering how to ‘update and restart’ their metaphorical PCs to fit the new normal.

01-09-2020 13:37:29 • minute(s) read

Tuesday’s mood – Returning to normality

With schools across the country reopening, there is a sense of normality returning today.

28-08-2020 12:14:28 • minute(s) read

Today’s mood – resigned to change

Shinzo Abe, the longest-serving prime minister in Japanese history is stepping down, sending the yen higher and the nation’s stock market down.

27-08-2020 12:27:45 • minute(s) read

Thursday’s mood – In a hole

COVID-19 means central bankers attending today’s annual economics jamboree aren’t in Jackson Hole for the first time since 1981, but much of the global economy remains in a ditch.

26-08-2020 12:15:36 • minute(s) read

Wednesday’s mood – Unmoved

There’s another new vaccine trial, but the market is getting wary and America’s drugs chief is backtracking on Trump’s claims about a plasma treatment. So, with little new economic data to distract it, the FTSE 100 is unmoved today.

25-08-2020 12:24:21 • minute(s) read

Tuesday’s mood – Adapting to new realities

Good news on another vaccine has sent markets slightly higher today. However, there’s also a changing of the guard as we adapt to our new realities.

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