A universe of opportunities

For investors, the obsession with the billionaires club is a distraction.

A whole universe of investment opportunities exists in SpaceTech as the technologies and infrastructure are developed to deploy the rapidly growing number of low earth orbit satellite (LEO) constellations. These will acquire and transfer increasing volumes of data for applications including communications, weather forecasting, climate change, imagery, resource planning, asset tracking, navigation, the internet of things as well as defence.

Let’s find some of the best.


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AAC Clyde Space

Luis Gomez, CEO

AAC Clyde specialises in small satellite technologies and services that enable businesses, governments and educational organisations to access high-quality, timely data from space.


Grzegorz Brona, Co-founder and CEO

Creotech is focused on developing and delivering modern technologies that are crucial for the space industry, science and other important sectors of economy.

Exos Aerospace

John Quinn, co-founder and CEO

Exos Aerospace is a leading developer and operator of reusable space vehicles.


Sven Meyer-Brunswick, C3PO

Nasdaq- and Frankfurt-listed Mynaric is leading the industrial revolution of laser communications by producing optical communications terminals for air, space and mobile applications.

Seraphim Space Investment Trust

Mark Boggett, CEO

Seraphim Space Investment Trust targets early and growth stage Space Tech companies that have the potential to dominate globally and that are sector leaders with first mover advantages in areas such as climate, communications, mobility and cyber security.