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Probiodrug is a German biopharmaceutical company developing drugs for AD. Lead product PQ912 has just completed a Phase IIa study with encouraging results. PQ912 is a small molecule inhibitor of glutaminyl cyclase (QC), which is essential for the formation of pGlu-Abeta. Two further products are in preclinical stages.

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Probiodrug is developing a clinical pipeline focusing on the novel target of pGlu-Abeta, a toxic variant of amyloid-beta (Abeta) that has been implicated in the initiation and sustainment of the pathological cascade that leads to Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Lead candidate PQ912 is an inhibitor of the enzyme glutaminyl cyclase, which is essential for the formation of pGlu-Abeta. Initial results from the Phase IIa study, SAPHIR, were reported on 12 June 2017. Probiodrug has presented detailed Phase IIb development with the next trial planned to start by end-2018, depending on financing. Preclinical data also showed that PQ912 could be effective in Huntington’s disease in an animal model. Backup candidates are in pre-clinical stage: PBD-C06 (monoclonal antibody that targets pGlu-Abeta), and PQ1565 (small molecule QC enzyme inhibitor).

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