Lendwithcare – proudly supported by Edison since 2011

Published on 25 February 2019

Lendwithcare supported by Edison

Since 2011 Edison has been a proud supporter of Lendwithcare, a microfinance lending website from the development charity CARE International UK that allows individuals and groups to make small loans to entrepreneurs in developing countries. In the last eight years we have been delighted to loan over £65,000 to over 280 small businesses across South America, South East Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe, supporting entrepreneurs in industries including tailoring, farming, beekeeping, beauty, manufacturing workshops, transport, recycling and food shops.

Lendwithcare is a revolutionary way to help some of the world’s poorest people work their way out of poverty with dignity. You can lend as little as £15 to fund a small business. Once your money is repaid, you can choose to recycle your loan to support another entrepreneur or withdraw your money.

To find out more about this amazing organisation, please visit https://lendwithcare.org

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