Edison’s annual healthcare week 2020

Published on 13 January 2020
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We are pleased to introduce our clients attending the annual healthcare week in San Francisco on 13—16 January 2020. Our clients,  from all disciplines in the healthcare sector, look forward to meeting with investors to discuss their investment case.

To arrange a one-to-one meeting, click on the button below to add your contact details and indicate which companies you would like to meet, and one of our IR team members will contact you shortly.

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Participating companies

Auris Medical Biomica Bioporto Diagnostics
EPIC: EARS | Market Cap: US$9m (approx.)
Category: Pharma & biotech

Auris Medical is a Swiss biopharmaceutical company developing neurotology and central nervous system targeting therapeutics. It is developing intranasal betahistine in a Phase I trial for mental disorder supportive care and it is entering Phase II for vertigo; both are designed to demonstrate proof-of-concept.

EPIC: N/A | Market Cap: N/A
Category: Pharma & biotech

Biomica, a subsidiary of Evogene (EVGN), is an emerging biopharmaceutical company developing innovative microbiome-based therapeutics for the treatment of immune-mediated and infectious diseases, with specific focus on Immuno-Oncology and GI related disorders.

EPIC: BIOPOR | Market Cap: DKK502.1m (approx.)
Category: Healthcare equipment & services

BioPorto Diagnostics is a diagnostic company focused on the development and marketing of antibodies and other products for research and diagnostics. This includes a portfolio of products marketed for research use and the NGAL Test, for prediction of acute kidney injury.

Cantargia Carmat Eyegate pharma
EPIC: CANT | Market Cap: SEK1113.9m (approx.)
Category: Pharma & biotech

Cantargia is a clinical stage biotechnology company based in Sweden, established in 2009 and listed on Nasdaq Stockholm main market. It is developing two antibodies against IL1RAP, nidanilimab (CAN04) and CANxx. Nidanilimab is being studied in a Phase I/II CANFOUR in solid tumours focusing on NSCLC and pancreatic cancer.

EPIC: ALCAR | Market Cap: €216.1m (approx.)
Category: Healthcare equipment & services

Carmat is a France-based, medical device company developing a biocompatible, artificial heart to satisfy the lack of donor hearts available for terminal biventricular heart failure patients. The company completed a feasibility study in early 2016 and received authorisation to resume a European pivotal study in May 2017.

PIC: EYEG | Market Cap: US$10.1m (approx.)
Category: Pharma & biotech

EyeGate Pharma is a late-stage specialty pharmaceutical and drug delivery company focused on developing and commercializing products for treating diseases and disorders of the eye.

Inmed Pharma Interpace Bioscience MesoBlast
EPIC: IN | Market Cap: CA$45.7m (approx.)
Category: Pharma & biotech

InMed Pharmaceuticals is a Canada-based biopharmaceutical company focused on manufacturing and developing cannabinoids. Its biosynthesis platform may be able to produce cannabinoids for less cost and with improved purity compared to currently used methods. The company is also developing a proprietary pipeline, including INM-755 for epidermolysis bullosa, a serious, debilitating orphan indication.

EPIC: IDXG | Market Cap: US$30.6m (approx.)
Category: Healthcare equipment & services

Interpace Biosciences is a leader in enabling personalized medicine, offering specialized services along the therapeutic value chain from early diagnosis and prognostic planning to targeted therapeutic applications.

EPIC: MSB | Market Cap: AU$971.4m (approx.)
Category: Pharma & biotech

Mesoblast is developing adult stem-cell therapies based on its proprietary MPC and culture-expanded MSC platforms. The key trial is a 600-patient Phase III in heart failure. Other indications are in back pain and paediatric GvHD. There is an NIH Class IV heart failure study.

Midatech-pharma Novaremed OpGen
EPIC: MTPH | Market Cap: £10.5m (approx.)
Category: Pharma & biotech

Midatech is an international specialty pharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialisation of multiple, high-value, targeted therapies for major diseases with unmet medical need.

EPIC: N/A | Market Cap: N/A
Category: Pharma & biotech

Novaremed is a clinical-stage Swiss biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of NRD.E1, an orally active New Chemical Entity (NCE) for the treatment of Neuropathic Pain.

EPIC: OPGN | Market Cap: US$4.9m (approx.)
Category: Healthcare equipment & services

OpGen is a diagnostic company focused on revolutionising the identification and treatment of bacterial infections. The Acuitas AMR Gene Panel molecular test, in combination with the Acuitas Lighthouse bioinformatics product, detects multiple pathogens and predicts antibiotic resistance in less than three hours, a major improvement on the two to three days that current methods require.

Oxford Biomedica VolitionRX
EPIC: OXB | Market Cap: £408.4m (approx.)
Category: Pharma & biotech

Oxford Biomedica’s (OXB) LentiVector technology underpins the company’s strategy. OXB generates significant revenue from partners that use its technology, notably Novartis, Bioverativ (Sanofi), Orchard Therapeutics and Immune Design. OXB is implementing significant capacity upgrades to enable more partnering/out-licensing agreements.

EPIC: VNRX | Market Cap: US$223.1m (approx.)
Category: Pharma & biotech

VolitionRx is a life sciences company developing novel, simple-to-use, blood-based tests to diagnose a range of cancers and conditions by identifying and measuring nucleosomes in the blood stream. The primary focus is to develop the Nu.Q family of blood-based diagnostics tests for cancer.

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Event: Edison’s annual healthcare week 2020
Date: 13—16 January 2020
Location: San Francisco, US
Hosted by: Edison Group
About: Edison’s annual healthcare week in San Francisco is an exclusive opportunity for investors to meet our market-leading clients across all disciplines in the healthcare sector.

For more information, please email Joseph Green.

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