The Merchants Trust PLC

MRCH:LN Investment companies

MRCH’s investment objective is to provide an above-average level of income and income growth, together with long-term growth of capital through investing mainly in higher-yielding UK FTSE 100 companies. The benchmark index is the FTSE 100 index.

The Merchants Trust has used Edison’s research to help explain the nature of its long-term debt, the use of reserves to support the dividend and the manager’s strategy of option writing to increase revenues. Edison’s investor relations services have arranged meetings across the country with wealth managers, ensuring that the Merchants Trust’s investment objective is fully understood. In addition, Edison distributed research and Edison TV interviews to the widest possible audience, including the self-directed retail investor. The impact narrowed the discount from its widest to a premium, allowing the Merchants Trust to issue new shares.

Stock data
Reports published 25
Reports read 44,323
No. of countries research read in 61
International roadshows 35
Unique investors met 229
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In an increasingly crowded market for investment products and companies, strong research that explains a trust’s underlying philosophy and key strengths plays an important role in building awareness among private wealth managers. Edison’s focus, which is on distributing research to this group, is a natural fit for quoted investment funds.

"Adam Gent" Head of Northern European Sales Allianz Global Investors for the Merchants Trust